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Site Map Due to U. K legislation, we cannot and do not post deactivated weapons outside of the United Kingdom. Points on the terms ‘Old’ and ‘New’ Specification Deactivation. Old specification refers to weapons which have been deactivated before October whilst weapons deactivated after October are known as new specification deactivated weapons. Old specification deactivation rules permitted submachine guns and semi automatic rifles to have working actions able to be fully stripped down to their major component parts. Revolvers were permitted to have unblocked cylinders enabling inert ammunition to be put into the cylinder but under the new specification rules this was no longer permitted. New specification rules now legally oblige that submachine guns and semi automatic rifles have all their actions cut and welded to the weapon body prohibiting cocking or dry firing. Cocking handles and levers may be left free running in their groves. Change in law on deactivated firearms came into force on 8 April , see the below link for the current situation. On Tuesday 2nd May a penalty is introduced for anyone breaking the deactivation law which came into force on the 8th April

That Lee Enfield [Archive]

Manufacture was well under way by when the British Government placed urgent requirements on production in readiness for any shortages upon the outbreak of WWI. All but 10, surplus rifles were sent to Britain, this causing a shortage here in Australia until production was increased. Some 30, MkIII rifles were produced during the financial year, this the highest rate of production during the Great War.

A token SMLE rifles were produced in , presumably just to prove that it could be done. It is believed that most of these have a reciever date of Approved in January , this short rifle superseded the Long Lee Enfield and featured a number of improvements over previous Marks in respect to simplified manufacture and battle efficiency.

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Collecting the American Sniper Rifle to by Joe Poyer A quick search of Ebay for anything related to sniper rifles—telescopic sights, mounts, manuals, cases, etc. The “chat rooms” are full of misinformation because there is very little reference material available. Collecting the American Sniper Rifle, to provides accurate information that will allow the collector to determine whether or not a particular rifle or telescopic part—or other accessory—is correct.

The book provides a detailed description of The books also contains a history of the development of each particular sniper rifle and telescopic sight. Its mounting on the rifle and sighting in are described in detail. A history of the development of the rifle leading to its use as a sniper rifle is included in an appendix, as are descriptions of British and Canadian sniper rifles that used American-produced telescopic sights.

This book covers the sniper variations of the Model Springfield: Model A1 Sniper U. Rifle with the 7. This book does not contain sniping techniques or tactics.


TT and TR were applied to in-house test models. A special copper – bronze medallion was also inletted into the right side of the butt of these 10 rifles. Third quarter numbers commenced with A

I have been active in the field of antique arms for nearly forty years: buying, selling, trading, acting as a consultant and purchaser for two national museums, and appraising for estate and insurance purposes.

Remington and Winchester were both contracted to manufacture the Pattern 14 or P In order to get rifles into the hands of US troops in the most expeditious manner possible the. The decision was made to convert the Pattern 14 British rifle rather than re-tool the plant to manufacture the standard issue US design. The redesigned Enfield rifle was designated the U. Within a matter of weeks Poland was defeated. Although Great Britain and France had declared war on Germany neither country was capable of immediately mounting any type of effective offensive against the fast moving German Wehrmacht.

After declaring war Great Britain once again found herself in a dire situation, facing a German invasion of her homeland and desperately in need of small arms to defend it. In they again turned to the industrial might of the United States, this time to manufacture the British designed, bolt action Enfield No. Stevens Company was selected to manufacture the weapon.

Stevens Division assisted Savage in the manufacture of a number of Thompson parts.

Help identifying Enfield No. 4 Mk 1; worried about the bolt.

That’s him, thanks for posting that link. Vercingetorix 6th Jun , Said neighbour spent a long time in the pokey as he would not relinquish his membership of the IRA. As you say No Tension, really! Enfield P14 and M Rifles http: With the Parker-Hale sight it was very accurate and the experience taught me a lot about wind-effect, which stood me in good stead for my flying career.

This is a list of British television does not include foreign-made imports.

Wassell Really odd finding a site refering to what you did shortly after leaving school, but at 17 I used to build the trials and scramblers with the Sachs plants. I now run a foundry and at 52 deeply miss those days at Wassells. They were great times. The place closed when the British bike industry slumped. If anybody wants to contact me for info Burntwood GLDB at AOLdot com wassell hi just purchased a Wassell Trials i think , but cant get to grips with the back end wheel spindle hub set up, if anybody has any diagrams on could they please let me know regards Geo Norfolk UK May 19, here is all I know , you might want to post this so others can see it Founded by WW2 pilot Ted Wassell of Birmingham as a wholesaler of motorcycle parts and accessories.


There are probably many gun enthusiasts in New Zealand who do not know that New Zealand can lay claim to one of the rarest Lee Enfield Models in the world. It is an under-appreciated and under-valued artefact from our military history. In fact overseas collectors of historic arms value them far more highly than we do! These soon proved to be inadequate against the fire power of the Boers armed with clip loading Mausers.

Visit our shop in historic Ste Mere Eglise – a small Normandy town popular with visitors since 6th June We have all of our usual stock plus a large selection of original cloth and metal insignia & militaria that cannot be listed on the website.

In the case of the P14 rifle, Winchester and Remington were selected. Rather than re-tool completely, the factories, under the close supervision of the US Army Ordnance Department, altered the design for caliber. Winchester produced the rifle at their New Haven, Connecticut plant and Remington at their main facility at Ilion, New York and at another plant in Eddystone, Pennsylvania.

The M Bayonet was also produced and used on several other small arms. The new rifle was used alongside the M Springfield rifle and quickly surpassed the Springfield design in numbers produced and units issued. After the armistice, M rifles were disposed of as surplus or placed in storage for the most part, although Chemical Mortar units continued to be issued the M Perhaps due to rifle shortages at the start of the war, the M was also issued to artillerymen early in the war, and both mortarmen and artillerymen carried the M in North Africa.

Otherwise, before and during World War II, stored rifles were reconditioned for use issue as reserve, training, and Lend-Lease weapons; these rifles are identified by having refinished metal sandblasted and Parkerized and sometimes replacement wood often birch.

Markings on Lee Enfield Rifles

It is a six shot top-break revolver that is chambered for the. It is a double action only revolver with a barrel length of 5 inches. The Patridge sights includes a blade front sight and a square notch rear sight, both of which are not adjustable. The checkered grip panels are made of wood and there is a metal disc inlay on the right grip. There are three main versions of the Enfield No.

The continuing saga of “Lend-Lease” rifles perserved for posterity plus years ago by a World War II Army Air Corps navigator. Forward.

You may have seen him on the street, at the airport, railway station, so many places. Adopted by the British Army at the turn of the century, the. These rifles would eventually be manufactured at factories in England, India, Australia, and even a few in the United States. Production changed to the 7.

My favorite is the. With an overall length of The British Army adopted the. The Ishapore Rifle Factory, north of Calcutta, began manufacturing this weapon in using British machines and the same specifications as that followed by the Royal Small Arms Factory. This striving for perfection is undoubtedly why, even today, one can occasionally find. They were good, dependable, and effective rifles.

For example, during the Soviet-Afghan War of the s, mujahideed found through practical experience that the.

Markings on British and Commonwealth Bayonets

This rifle was made in and underwent an FTR in Bolt action, cock on closing, with round detachable box magazine. There is a magazine cutoff so the contents of the magazine could be held in reserve while the rifle was used as a single-loader. The receiver has a bridge-type charger guide with slots sloped to the front so the empty charger is automatically ejected from the guide as the bolt is closed.

Jan 07,  · Horst Auction Center “The Voices Of Experience” Gun Auction January 7, — 9 AM. Click here for accessories list. Click here for important gun registration information.

The rifle is without its cleaning rod, otherwise it is complete. The is the gun or rack number. The brass butt-plate has a trap for cleaning equipment, with-in which is rather forcibly stuffed, a cord pull-through. The upper hand guard has two sprung clips to keep it on the barrel fixed buy four brass rivets. Upon removal of the short hand guard it is immediately apparent the that the barrel is original as the serial number is repeated on the RH upper quadrant.

On the LH side just clear of the lower stock is a splendid line of clear WD and Enfield inspectors markings. Correctly, there is not safety catch fitted to this mark of Metford. The bolt is removed by pulling it to its most rearward position and clearing the bolt head of the spring under. The bolt itself is shrouded by a sprung steel bolt cover which is nicely marked with an Enfield inspectors stamp. The mark II Metford retains the magazine cut-off. On the opposite side at the rear of the action, affixed by what we later know as the safety fixing screw is the aperture for the long range volley sight.

The WWII Savage Enfield

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Collectible Foreign Military Longarms (post) **NEW ADDITION** SMOF – HANDSOME TYPE 99 JAPANESE WORLD WAR II RIFLE MADE AT THE TOYO KOGYO ARSENAL THIRTY THIRD SERIES. ALL MATCHING WITH INTACT MUM AND SLING SERIAL NUMBER Japan entered the industrial age with the single minded determination to create the industrial base equivalent to the .

Lee-Enfield Modifications, Replicas, and Fakes Over the past several months, Enfield Rifle Research has received dozens of questions about the spate of “new” and “rare” Lee-Enfields that have been showing up lately at gun shows and in pawn shops. Navy Arms Company is making and selling a lot of these, and they usually describe them albeit in the fine print as “replicas” or “constructed of original No.

SARCO and SOG among others are also marketing these or similar rifles for comparable prices, again with fair–or at least technically honest–advertising. The problem arises when these aftermarket replicas pass through several hands and wind up offered for sale at a gun show or in a pawn shop. Typically, the advertising such as it was gets lost, the price gets jacked up, and the seller claims maybe because he believes it that the piece really is a long-lost treasure. A lot of people are getting burned by these knock-offs, and an even greater number are just plain confused.

Watch out for these! It is possible though not likely that some Lithgow-manufactured rifles with late or later dates were kept in storage and subsequently surplused out in unfired or unissued condition. Neither the nose cap nor the bottom of the backsight leaf will carry a different serial number on these rifles. These plates will be attached with small brass wood screws. This was the height of the war, and virtually all rifles manufactured were issued.

If you find different serial numbers on different parts, this is clear evidence that it is a parts gun.

Remington Barrel Code and Serial Number, How to Find Out Manufacture Date

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