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It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. Change It wasn’t trendy , funny, nor was it coined on Twitter , but we thought change told a real story about how our users defined Unlike in , change was no longer a campaign slogan. But, the term still held a lot of weight. Here’s an excerpt from our Word of the Year announcement in

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Wiccan views of divinity Altar statues of the Horned God and Mother Goddess crafted by Bel Bucca and owned by the “Mother of Wicca”, Doreen Valiente Theological views within Wicca are diverse, and the religion encompasses theists , atheists , and agnostics , with some viewing the religion’s deities as entities with a literal existence and others viewing them as Jungian archetypes or symbols.

Briefly, it may be explained that the personification of a particular type of cosmic power in the form of a God or Goddess, carried out by believers and worshippers over many centuries, builds that God-form or Magical Image into a potent reality on the Inner Planes, and makes it a means by which that type of cosmic power may be contacted. Gerald Gardner [41] Gardner stated that beyond Wicca’s two deities was the “Supreme Deity” or ” Prime Mover “, an entity that was too complex for humans to understand.

Some accept the view espoused by the occultist Dion Fortune that “all gods are one god, and all goddesses are one goddess” — that is that the gods and goddesses of all cultures are, respectively, aspects of one supernal God and Goddess.

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Another reason is a simple failure in imagination. But, if successful courting requires commitment, hard work, and imagination to pull off… then why does it surprise us when neglect hurts relationships after we walk down the aisle? Pray for your spouse. Chances are, you launched your marriage with both promises and prayers.

Surround yourselves with people in healthy relationships. Some of those negative patterns involved friends.

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Hell, make that everyone and Haruhi. While not really a local Almighty, Amaterasu is damn close , and there is strong indication that he’s the grandfather of one. And in the games, you can capture them and order them around. Pyramid King Brandon captured not one, but three Legendary Pokemon. Tobias has at least two.

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Samuel Goodman Sam is just a regular, normal man who humbly requests: Please don’t shoot the messenger. One interesting effect of the obesity epidemic has been an increase in the desirability of Asian women. Thirty years ago, nailing an Asian chick was a consolation prize for a white guy who struck out with his own kind.

Sociologists talk about all sorts of possible explanations: All these explanations are probably wrong.

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The Armor of God Introduction: Occult symbols are fast replacing Christian symbols in our culture. Therefore, we encourage you to use this list to warn others, especially Christian children who intentionally wear and display them because they are popular. Keep in mind that many of these symbols have double or multiple meanings. For example, the pentagram has been used to transmit occult power in all kinds of rituals for centuries, but to Christians the same shape may simply represent a star — a special part of God’s creation.

The image of a fish may mean a sign of the zodiac astrology to some, but to Christians it has meant following Jesus and sharing the message of His love.

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Donovan Sharpe Donovan is a sexist son of a bitch who objectifies women by keeping them on their toes, their backs, and their knees where they belong. Live with Donovan Sharpe. You can follow him on Twitter , Facebook , and Instagram. Let me get right to the point: American women are good for one thing and one thing only: Men are better than women at just about everything and no amount of social reconditioning or media brainwashing is going to change that.

The only two people I know who cook better than I do is my brother, who is a professional chef in Atlanta, and my mother who taught me to cook because she knew that culinary agency among females was plummeting quickly as she often verbalized as much while instructing me. The biggest, most watched, and most profitable cooking shows and competitions on televisions are hosted and run by men.

Incidentally enough, they own the majority of the television market share on these subject matters.

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When words become superficial, lovers take pleasure in music. From blues to jazz, songs of every genre have touched the human heart as they speak of eternal love and undying love for life. There are countless love songs created over the years, which have tantalized lovers and made the ladies swoon.

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What is Anointing Oil? I get countless emails from people asking how to smudge someone else’s home without their knowledge. Sorry, but it’s not yours to own darlings. Should I hire Someone to Smudge? I get asked a lot, “Should I hire a professional to come and smudge my home? If Theresa or I were smudging your house you may get more than you bargained for. Theresa might have messages from your passed loved ones helping you heal and me, the unwilling channel, will information from all the spirits in the room regardless of whether they are related to you or not, because I pick up information from all the energy in the room to determine what they want and help them on their way.

Unfortunately not everyone lives close to where I’m located my current residence in the Lake Tahoe, Nevada area and although you can fly me in, it can get costly. Can start smudging with one smudge stick then light another one if I used up the first one? Yes you can light a new smudge stick after starting with another one. What do I do? Although I prefer and typically use white sage to smudge, if I’m in a place where I absolutely can’t find any and need to smudge, then I use what is available.

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Since no one is perfect, it’s good if the pro’s equal the con’s or over balance them. Sure, all the touchy feely fuzzies say to follow your heart, but it’s always good when your head is clear and can see what is and make life changing decisions based on the ability to be truthful with yourself and each other and see what is truly in the heart and not be fooled by what is on the surface. I missed the last post about the two best friends.

Ok, that is a game changer, the above still is true, but Justice here is going to be more the scales factor and what is right, karma kicking in. If you and the friend you like, who likes you are really good for each other, then Justice is going to be a heavy

Des sites généralistes et des sites spécialisés. Si les sites de rencontres connus du grand public sont souvent les sites généralistes, d’autres sites, dans une logique de stratégie de niche, se sont spécialisés pour les cougars, les échangistes, les infidèles, les gays, les musulmans, les célibataires exigeants, les bears ou encore les afro-descendants [3].

Atheist, Humanist, Secularist, Skeptic, Freethinker Open to meeting men, women, transmen, transwomen and others I’m a first generation Peruvian-American. Grad student, single parent, and entrepreneur. I’m here to make new friends who are more aligned with my beliefs. Not really interested in a relationship right now, as I just started a business and I’m focused on growing it. Drinks, board games, forest drives and hikes, exploring little towns there are so many in AZ!

Should I go Vegan? If eating some vegetables disagrees with your medical condition, I would try as many as possible to pin point which ones seem to be more beneficial.

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